Review by Baby Academic / Cathryn Ladd

A thoughtful reflection on Multivoices: a script by researchers publication launch.

We […] delved deeper into the publication itself, first discussing the design choices made by Jon Cannon. I found this particularly interesting because it is a visually unique artifact: its large margins (perhaps for thinking), its democratic use of typography, its colour coding, and the way it takes the form of a script – precisely scrunching together formalised excerpts from people’s presentations from the original day, with colloquial commentary taken from different discussions – are all things which are fundamental to its original engagement with knowledge production. I personally find the format of a script very fitting due to the way it connotes transitory movement and performance. I felt that the original day last year was a fleeting presence, a momentary coming together of differently like-minded people and I felt the same way about this launch event. It feels only appropriate that the book itself has the potential to fluidily enter new territories and challenge new spaces and I know that I for one will definitely be taking my copy along for my research ride.

(Cathryn Ladd)

AfterlightImage-7AfterlightImage-4AfterlightImage-8^Photographs by Cathryn Ladd