Artist House 45

Artist House 45 is a live/work project based in a two bedroom back-to-back terrace in Beeston, South Leeds. The project was set up in 2015 by East Street Arts to provide long term residencies for artists and respond to a need for better, and more stable, living conditions for artists. By providing space and support for artists to live and work, the project explores the benefits of artist-led practices located within the everyday (outside of conventional exhibition, studio and artworld structures).

The house is owned by Leeds City Council, but was vacant and in need of renovations for a number of years. East Street Arts agreed to take on the house for five years at a peppercorn rent (with the intention to fund and programme artistic activity) in exchange for undertaking the work required to return it to social housing.

drawings.inddAH45 Illustration (^)
AH45 timeline
AH45 Timeline (^)
IMG_9530IMG_9584IMG_9654.jpgPhoto credits (^): Daisy Robson Wright / East Street Arts