Studio Live/Work

It has been extremely rewarding to explore how embedded artist-led research can be fed back into architectural education, through varied teaching responsibilities. Studio Live/Work was a Masters in Urban Design (MAUD) studio at the Sheffield School of Architecture, 2018–19.

The studio used the theme of ‘live/work’ to investigate inclusive urban regeneration in Sheffield city centre. Rather than understanding mixed-use masterplans in terms of abstract planning ‘use classes’, Studio Live/Work took as its point of departure situated and ‘actually existing’ observations of city centre living and working. Projects investigated community-led strategies for including broader and more diverse quotidien routines in response to this analysis, through spatial interventions at the scale of an urban block. Many of the projects drew on artist-led approaches to housing and questioned how open-ended urban processes could be negotiated. Spatial strategies respond in different ways to the Heart of the City masterplan, currently being implemented by Sheffield City Council.

Studio Tutors: Jonathan Orlek and Alex Maxwell
Guest Tutors: Frances Hollis, Florian Kossak and Beatrice De Carli
Studio Collaborators: APG, DINA, Foodhall, New Roots, Art Hostel and Union Street 

Autoethnographic ‘live/work’ mapping: Jiaqi Gu, Xiaoying Lua, Boqun Yan, Zehua Zheng
Balancing ‘We’ and ‘Me’: Jiaqi Gu, Xiaoying Lua, Boqun Yan, Zehua Zheng
Art Hostel analysis: Jiaqi Gu, Xiaoying Lua, Boqun Yan, Zehua Zheng
‘Work in Progress’: Louwrens Botha, Xin Qin, Olivia Taylor, Wenting Zhao, Minxia Zhu