Talks + Workshops

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Jonathan Orlek, ‘The Common Good (In a Time of Pandemic)’ (Sluice Magazine, Digital Encounters, via Zoom, 22 June 2020).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘“In House” Research: Reflections on Moving In and Out of Artist-Led Housing’ (What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About The Artist-Led, Exhibition Research Lab, Liverpool, 31 January 2020).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘Artist Talk’ (Episode 1: Tomorrow is Our Permanent Address, Convention House, Leeds, 23 November 2019).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘Artists in Residence: Re-Imagining Spaces for Artist-Led Practice in the City’ (CKC 2019: Rethinking, Resisting and Reimagining the Creative City Conference, Watershed, Bristol, 13 September 2019).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘Architecture in Action’ (UMA 10 Year Anniversary Roundtable, Umeå School of Architecture, Sweden, 15 June 2019).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘How Do Gardens/Green Spaces Contribute to Well-Being and Making Better City Spaces?’ (Modern Nature: Symposium, The Hepworth Wakefield in partnership with the University of Sheffield, 26 April 2019).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘Artist-Led Housing’ (Housing for Artists: Crisis Point or Vanity Project?, East Street Arts, Leeds, 2 November 2018).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘New Public Design’ (Festival of the Mind: National Food Service, Foodhall, Sheffield, 27 September 2018).

Anna Vainio, Carolin Becke, and Jonathan Orlek, ‘Multivoices’ (British Association for Japanese Studies Conference 2018, University of Sheffield, 7 September 2018).

Cristina Cerulli and Jonathan Orlek, ‘DIY Cultures Summer School’ (Mansions of the Future, Lincoln, 29 August 2018).

Jonathan Orlek, Matthew Cheeseman, and Jon Cannon, ‘Multivoices for the Antiuniversity Now Festival’ (Antiuniversity Now, Sheffield Print Club, 9 June 2018).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘Artist-Led Housing: Mapping the Boundaries of Life and Work’ (ROTOR: Culture Community Creativity, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield, 15 February 2018).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘A Collaborative Excavation of an Artist Live/Work Project’ (Rethinking Research: Disrupting and Challenging Research Practices, Centre for Research Capability and Development at Coventry University, 19 January 2018).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘An Invitation to Lunch’ (Re.Future: Waterworks AIR, Edgebaston Reservoir, 14 October 2017).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘A Day on Resilience’ (a-n Assembly, East Street Arts, Leeds, 29 June 2017).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘Introducing “Multi-Voices”’ (Multi-voices in Research: Co-Interpreting Art and Architecture, East Street Arts, 6 May 2017).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘(Un)Common Building: Collective Excavation of Fictional Structure’ (Writing Cities, Theatrum Mundi and the University of Sheffield, 26 April 2016).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘Bubbles, Foam and Co-Fragilities: The Philosophical and Architectural Possibilities of Living Together in a World of 10bn’ (Festival of 10 Billion, Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield, 18 February 2016).

Jonathan Orlek and Cristina Cerulli, ‘Developing a Critical Practice: Inhabitation as Performance in the OPERA Project’ (This Thing Called Theory 12th AHRA Conference, Leeds Beckett University, 19 November 2015).

Jonathan Orlek and Cristina Cerulli, ‘Performing Home’ (Home and Art: Creating, Performing and Researching Home, Geffrye Museum of the Home, London, 1 May 2015).

Jonathan Orlek, ‘Residential Performance as Architectural Research’ (Housing—A Critical Perspective, Architecture_MPS, Liverpool University and Liverpool John Moores University, 8 April 2015).